Stepping Up to the Experience

Real Estate Photography

Photo shoots are not without their challenges, whether working with people or inanimate objects, each scenario and session presents its own set of challenges to overcome. 

Recently, I was given the opportunity to photograph a home that had been listed for sale. It had been some years since I’d done any real estate photography. I’d say product photography is product photography, but to be honest, as with photographying people, each session and each product requires a different sort of eye, different sort of equipment, and patience. 

I love the challenges photography presents. As with any session and client, I like to get a feel for the product before jumping right in with the photos. I know if sounds odd that I like to get to know a home before photographing it, but it’s important to make the connection first.

The home was small, intimate….the kitchen was difficult to light without the glare from the shiny appliances and backdrop; dark in some areas, bright in others. The bathroom: well, let’s just say I nearly became a contortionist in order to get that photograph (neither have been shared here.) The home was perfectly staged. I arrived right before a massive thunderstorm began, so the exterior photos were done first. 

The real estate agent had the home perfectly staged. Roomy. Bright colors and blinds. As I moved within the rooms of the house, I could envision living there. The angles are simple enough; show the size of the room, the brightness, the paint color and features. 

I look forward to photographing many more properties and improving my skills. I am currently working on obtaining my drone certification with the FAA, so I can then obtain drone images as well. I am excited about adding that to my portfolio within the near future. And 360 degree views will be coming soon. 

Challenges create growth. When an opportunity presents itself, do not shy away. Charge your batteries, pack your gear and meet it head on. I promise you’ll succeed. 


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