Quinceaneras? Yeah, I Photograph ‘Em.

Good Morning! Happy Tuesday! I’m actually following the directions of my WordPress reminder and blogging this morning. I may or may not be still in bed, but even if I am, it’s a productive moment of sorts.

Recently, I realized, I need to be {very} specific about the sorts of photo sessions I provide. I assumed that by saying “I do portraits” one would know it encompasses all types of portrait sessions. Um, nope.

So today, my feature photo session is of a quinceanera portrait session. Most know this is a very formal occasion and a huge celebration and I was completely honored to be a part of it.

A quinceanera marks the passage from being a girl to a woman, much like a bar mitzvah does for a young man in the Jewish culture. It’s a coming-of-age ritual, if you will, one to be cherished and celebrated.

I love being a part of the memory-making process, capturing portraits. It’s always an honor. My clients are important to me and making sure I capture a mixture of their vision and mine throughout the session is always the goal.

A photographer’s journey is not only about bringing our own vision of the session to life, it’s about creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere to get the absolute best portraits. Location is important, as is coordinating all the details with your client.

Sessions should always be fun!


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