My Photo Journey

Let me share a brief story about my photography journey. I began with portraiture and weddings, in the days of 35 mm film and no more than 36 exposures per roll (I shot a maximum of 24 exposures, rarely did I but a roll of 36.)

I was in ninth grade when I got my first SLR camera, a Contax 137md Quartz. It was aperture priority with a beautiful 50mm Carl Zeiss lens. The lens had to be focused manually. I taught myself how to use it. Many images were lost in that process. Occasionally, the US Air Force base’s public affairs officer would give me a tip or two. Film was expensive for a high schooler and developing costs, even more so, so I shot wisely. I had to learn the art of photography in order to maximize my exposures.

In shooting film, you had to know what you were doing. There was no digital screen to review your shot. You either got it or you didn’t. Film can be forgiving, to an extent.

I photographed my first wedding with that camera. It was pro bono. It was my sister’s wedding and she had no photographer, so I served as a bridesmaid plus the official photographer. Somewhere in my negative archives, I have those negatives. My passion for weddings and portraits only grew from there.

I still love the challenge of a wedding. And I enjoy working with children, teenagers, couples and families, capturing their memories, now digitally. It is still crucial to print out your favourite images too. I have more photo albums than I care to admit to. I need a room for those alone. Memories are captured by photographers. They need not always be formally posed. Sometimes, it’s those candid moments that speak more.

Photography is my passion and it has been since I was a little girl, holding a point and shoot 110 fill camera. I’ve since gone digital, well for many many years now, but I do occasionally still shoot 35mm film, mainly for myself because I enjoy it so much. I don’t have a darkroom, so I have to travel into Atlanta to drop it off for developing.

Capturing memories, creating life’s keepsakes on “film” will always be my love.

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