{Photo Session Prep}

-Every now and then, I arrive at a photo session location site-unseen. I trust my client’s vision. While it is rare that I don’t preview a location prior to the session, it does happen from time to time, especially if the session is booked with relatively short notice.

Part of our “jobs” as photographers is scouting out locations and studying the lighting and space prior to beginning a session. The location should match not only the photographer’s vision for the shoot but the client’s vision as well.  I often spend a good amount of time prior to my sessions getting to know my clients. 

So much more goes into a photo session then just showing up and shooting. There’s locations to be scouted, equipment to purchase/rent, batteries to charge, equipment to clean, get-to-know-you sessions, preferably in person but sometimes, just sometimes, over the phone. 

The day of the shoot is show time! Proper preparation is critical to excute a successful photo session. I make every attempt to make my sessions FUN!! A photo shoot should never ever be stiff nor boring. We want to create real-life memories…I know initially it can be very intimidating when strobes, speed lights, and reflectors are pulled out for the shoot…but forget all that and focus on me. Laugh. Relax. Smile and enjoy. After all, these are the memories we are creating…and they represent you. They will be forever burned onto memory cards and in prints.

Ready to have some fun? Contact me today and let’s shoot!


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