Summer Travels

When people think of vacation, they think of destinations such as Florida, California, New York City, Europe…not Arkansas.

Who goes on vacation to Arkansas? And Fort Smith at that? I do.

The north central portion of Arkansas is truly beautiful. Millions of years ago, the remenants of the Ozark Mountains were the height of the great Rocky Mountains. What remains are ridges and the tallest mountain, Magazine Mountain, at 2,753’.

The rivers. The trees. The views. It’s beautiful. And thankfully, I was not allergic to the state.

It’s not overly touristy. I went to visit family that had relocated there many years ago. It’s peaceful. Time feels slower there. The sunsets were incredible.

I love exploring new places as a photographer. One of my biggest dreams is to make money travelling, writing and take photos.

Get out and explore someplace off the beaten path. It’s a great reset.

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