Imperfect Perfect Image

A few weeks ago, I received the newest copy of Elle Magazine in the mail and fell completely in love with the cover image. In a time where every photographic image we see is absolutely flawless, Elle’s chosen cover image (which you can see at this link here: was perfectly imperfect. 

It seems every image we see is photoshopped and airbrushed to “perfection.” Images are no longer natural, raw. Today’s society wants everything to appear perfect. 

Elle’s image reminded me of the days when I shot my images soley with 35mm film. The grain, the true black and white processed to perfection by hand, it wasn’t always about perfection but capturing the rawness of the moment. 

You see, unlike digital, you only had a maximum of 36 exposures to get it right. There were no do-overs with film. You either got the shot or you didn’t. There is little forgiveness in incorrect exposures when shooting 35mm film.

I still shoot film on occasion for personal projects. I love the grain (now called “noise”, which is a huge no-no in our digital world.) I love the depth and contrast of the black and white film. I love the anticipation of seeing the final results…Film is an artform in itself. It requires true knowledge in how to work a camera, no previewing the image in the LCD screen to see if you got it right or “close enough.” No thoughts of “I can fix it in post.” You composed, you shot, you got the image.

-Does anyone even shoot film anymore?- 

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