{Happy New Year: 2018}

It’s a new year….365 days of newness…..why not do something new each & every day, even if it’s something small? Experience it. Live each moment. Be present in each moment.

As photographers, we often live moments through our camera lenses, afraid to set the camera down…afraid to miss capturing that moment. Sometimes, we need to imbed that moment in our memory rather than on film (or, er, digital memory cards!) 

On this first day of January 2018, we witnessed the first full moon of the year… and a Supermoon at that. The “Wolf Moon” is rising all over the world to greet us in this new year and what a beautiful sight she is. I don’t often get a chance to do night photography; I tend to be in when it’s dark and don’t venture out afterwards, but I intend to make an attempt to do more night photography this year, albeit when it is a bit warmer. I did grab my gear this evening and ran outside to get a photo or two of this beauty. I dream of one day being in that perfect place to witness the grand full moon rising in all her glory and capturing that moment on my memory card…but for now, this will do.

I wish you a wonderful 2018, filled with new experiences, new memories, new ideas and much growth. May all your wishes come true this year. Stick to those new years resolutions, if you set them…I don’t bother. 

Happy New Year….see you on the other side of my camera lens this year!!!

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