A Mother’s Love

There is nothing like a mother’s love. It’s truly unconditional. And what I love about family portrait sessions is the interaction between a mother and her child(ren.) The innocence of a child. The pure love of a child for their mother. Nothing is more pure. 

A mother’s love is what I witnessed during my most recent family photo session. A single mom and her two boys. The way they interacted with their mom was heart-warming. And her oldest was so protective of her. Their laughter and their smiles were so contagious. Their energy as a whole was contagious. I love when my clients can truly be their authentic selves in front of the camera. 

Being on that side of the camera can be super intimidating, but they warmed up rather quickly. Usually, the first 15 minutes is a warm-up, but it was unneeded with them. 

The goal is to not only create beautiful portraits, but a memorable experience. Photo sessions ought to be fun, not stiff and formal. And we shot at one of my absolute favorite locations: Lullwater Preserve (also known as Lullwater Park) in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Wanna have some fun in front of the camera? Let’s talk.

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