Class of 2023 {Senior Highlight}

Senior year of his school is a special year. It is the culmination of the childhood school years, the teenage years. It’s the completion of a huge chapter in one’s life. 

This session was a fairly last minute/short notice session. It turned out to be cooler outside than anticipated, although it was in the low 60’s and sunny overall, there was definitely a winter chill in the air. 

This was the first session I’d completed with my Nikon D850 and the results are incredible. Of course, skill is involved, but quality equipment helps in the final results. A camera in itself does not take a great photograph, it requires the photographer to have skill and know what she (or he) is doing. 

This particular session was a lot of fun, despite it being photographed on short notice. We had a lot of laughs, which is important in all photo shoots. They ought to be fun. My sessions are casually posed; I follow my client’s lead and readjust their pose as needed, more lifestyle brand portraiture than formal posing because portraits should emulate who YOU are.