Krog Street Tunnel Portrait Session Highlights

The ONLY challenge this particular family/senior portrait session posed was: how not to take too many photographs.

I scouted out this location prior to the session. My client had a vision in mind and it was my job to create it. I always go into a session with a vision and a plan, however this one unfolded right before my eyes when we finally arrived for the session.

I was super-excited as I’d always wanted to do a portrait session at this particular location. Checked that one off my wish list. But even more excited about the family’s energy and vibes once we began to shoot.

The original plan was for it to be a high school senior session, highlighting Jabrell’s musical talents. It morphed into a family session as everyone became excited about the location.

It was difficult to choose my favourites from this session. Honestly, they rocked the session! And they were super patient as we shot for three hours!!!! I could have gone all day with this family, but their grill was calling. And the rain held off for the most part of the morning too. We had some sprinkles, but The Roland Family pushed on through it. A little rain did not dampen their spirits.

Graffiti/urban art backdrops,at times, can overpower the subject(s) but this complimented everyone quite well.

I definitely have to shoot there again. But not anytime soon. I’ll let this be their own unique site for awhile.

I am so thankful for those clients who fully trust me with their family memories and their vision. It’s a humbling experience.

And fun is a must!!! With each and every session.

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