Recently, in my freelance photography journey, I experienced a couple of “firsts.” What do I mean by that? Let me explain.

I’ve recently started to freelance for our local county newspaper (yes, newspapers still exist.) I always wanted to be a photojournalist. I love combining my photographic vision with my gift of writing.

I’ve completed two assignments for them over the past couple of weeks, my first being Fury Fest, a bike show at the local Falcons Fury Harley Davidson dealership and then, a charity softball tournament between the sheriff’s office and the county fire department. I have never photographed a bike (motorcycle) show before nor have I photographed a softball tournament, but I glady accepted the challenge.

Challenges help us grow. And I enjoyed networking and talking with the community about what I do. I am thankful for any opportunity that comes my way. Ready and willing to accept most any challenge.

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