PrePhoto Session Checklist

I am all about educating my clients and making their photo session as successful as possible. The more information you have ahead of time, the more prepared you’ll be on the day of the session.

A recent client forgot something and to turn around and go back home to get it. Fortunately, the session still flowed smoothly. My goal is to have as few hiccups as possible.

So, with that being said (in written form, of course,) I’ve created a handy dandy checklist. Naturally, not everything will be included on said checklist and it will be altered as I think of things to be added.

Pre-Session Checklist

  • lipstick/lipgloss
  • hair brush/comb
  • Water
  • Outfit change
  • Don’t forget the change of shoes :)
  • make-up for touch ups
  • Snacks
  • comfortable walking shoes (if on location outdoors)
  • wipes
  • Hand sanitizer (I always have some)
  • jewelry: i.e. rings, earrings, necklace, bracelet
  • hat/scarves

Plenty of sleep. And don’t show up hungry nor stuffed. Light meal/snacks recommended.

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