What’s Included?

Each session is uniquely tailored to YOU, my client. Be it an individual session, a family, a senior (in high school), couples, etc, I tailor the session for you.

Part of the process is a pre-consultation session. While I prefer meeting in person with clients, I understand it isn’t always possible, especially with an ongoing pandemic.

Why, might you ask, do I conduct a pre-consultation? (Which is complimentary, by the way.)

A pre-consultation is a get-to-know you session. To feel your vibe and energy, to see if we “click.” Much like dating, it’s important to build a relationship with my client(s.) By the end of the session and process, we won’t necessarily be besties, but we will have built a rapport. Sometimes, we just don’t fit. And that’s okay too, because I can always refer you to other talented photographers, but it’s rare, to be honest.

During the pre-consultation, I want to get to know who YOU are as well as to share a bit of who I am. Oftentimes, the conversation flows easily. We discuss your vision for your session, which includes your look. I share my vision with you for your session as well and we come to a compromise on how your session will look and feel.

It’s important for me as your photographer to educate you throughout the process, so that you feel confident and comfortable. Most sessions are casual, natural and relaxed. We can get more formal too, if that is what your visibion entails.

Getting to know and understand YOU, my client, helps me to create beautiful art, art you can use to market yourself, share with your family and friends and hang on the walls, should you desire. (I highly encourage printing your favourites too!!! And create an album. It doesn’t have to be a super fancy photo album, but it should be made of physical prints.

At the close, I’ll answer your questions and confirm I understand the assignment and homework at hand.

Your comfort and confidence is of the upmost importance prior to and during a photo shoot. I want it to be a fun and memorable process, one you will remember for years to come.

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