The Joys of Wedding Photography

Many many moons ago….truly, it was many, I began my photography career as a wedding and portrait photographer. The first wedding I photographed in fact was my sisters. She got married a bit quickly and on a tight (I mean TIGHT) budget. I offered to photograph it (while holding bridesmaid status as well.) Now, this is not an easy task because well, obviously, unless I were to clone myself, I was going to miss a few of the shots (namely: the ceremony.) I learned a lot from that first wedding. When shooting film, there are no previews of your images nor do-overs. You truly have to know your stuff. I then moved on to becoming a second shooter for a couple years, where I learned more about the wedding photography trade.

 I love weddings, but they present many challenges of their own. As the photographer, you do not get to choose the location. You shoot with what you have. It’s critical to meet to get to know the bride and groom prior to the ceremony. It makes for a more relaxed shoot. While I can execute a shoot on short notice, with more notice, the execution of the shoot  becomes more fluid. Less surprises arise.

Weddings are a wonderful occasion, an emotional one, and I absolutely love to capture the emotion of the day. While I work with the bride and groom on a mandatory photo checklist, the more fluid you allow us to be, the more of those emotional shots we can capture. Capturing the essence of the wedding is what I do. The details, the smiles, the laughter as well as the tears of joy. I am as inconspicuious as possible during the ceremony and reception, for you, the bride and groom are the super stars of the day. 

The wedding is only the beginning of our work. While you are off on your honeymoon, we spend many hours behind our computer screens, choosing and editing shots so that we may present to you the best possible gallery that fully represents your day. For after it is all said and done, the photos (as well as the video, should you have yours videoed) are the only physical memories you will have. And naturally you want them to tell the story of your entire day, from the preparations before to the ceremony and to the departure as husband and wife.

Always trust and hire a professional to photograph your special day. We are trained in understanding lighting, composition, and have professional quality equipment. We are fully capable of executing a wedding with speed and efficiency, for we know time is of the essence. 

If you want quality, cheap is not your answer. And don’t make wedding photography the last thing you budget for on your list. It should be among the biggest expenditure for the day. Budget accordingly.

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