The Importance of Hiring a Professional [Wedding] Photographer

Why should you hire a professional wedding photographer for your BIG day? 

The last thing you need to be concerned with is the quality of photos and whether those important moments are captured by your guests on your wedding day. 

I promise you, your wedding will go quickly and twenty years from now, you will remember very few details. It's the photographs that tell YOUR love story.  

Your wedding day is one of the MOST important milestone events in your life. You want to hire a professional and budget for it.

1. A professional comes prepared. I do my homework prior to your wedding day by previewing the venue prior to the ceremony (usually during the rehearsal, if one is held.) 

2. Why do I attend the rehearsal? It's important to me as your photographer to have an understanding of how the ceremony will flow; where the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be entering and proceeding down the aisle as well as where the groom will be awaiting the arrival of his bride. It is also important that I understand where the beautiful bride will be escorted into the ceremony as well as down the aisle. It helps the process flow more smoothly on the wedding day. 

3. I have the gear and more importantly, the knowledge, to successfully capture your wedding day.

4. I have 20 years of experience in wedding and portrait photography. I photograph a wedding like it were my own. I am invested in YOUR day and want to capture it to the best of my abilities.

5. I have a process that I've made minor adjustments to over the years, but it has worked. Engaging my couples and getting to know them prior to their wedding day so that a complete stranger isn't photographing their wedding.

6. I offer engagement sessions as a part of (some) of my wedding packages, so you and I can become more comfortable working together prior to your BIG day. I understand our photography gear can be intimidating. 

7. Details matter. Formal shots matter. Candid shots matter. Capturing the important moments during your wedding matter. 

8. Organization is key to capturing your wedding memories. While I'll have fun and enjoy your wedding (and likely crying during the ceremony,) I take my job seriously. You've paid me to capture your memories. That will be my focus the entire time I am there.

My rates are reasonable. I conduct a complimentary consultation with all potential clients. If you are just price-shopping, I am likely not your photographer, and that's okay too. 

Why entrust your special day to your guests or a sub-par "professional" photographer? 

Want to know more about me? Ask. Happy to speak with you and share my process of photographing weddings. 

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