Impromptu Mini Session

Sometimes, impromptu mini sessions just work. Unplanned, hence the few wrinkles in the backdrop, but fortunately they aren’t so visible that they take the eye away from the handsome subject.

I have a difficult time getting my teenage son to cooperate in front of the camera. It’s usually seriously goofy stuff, which makes me smile and laugh when I look back at them, but nothing necessarily frame-able especially when I am thinking of extended family. Fifteen to twenty minutes later and I have half a dozen usable images, images that capture his essence and personality.

Oftentimes, we focus on having our subjects smile. What is most important to me, however, is that they are relaxed in front of the camera. Smiling on cue does not create a relaxed look. In fact, that cued smile often shows a lot of tension. Combining what I have learned in my yoga studies, I ask my clients to take a deep breath and exhale….generally, somewhere during that exhale is when I will press the shutter button  (sometimes multiple times.) In the midst of those images is the perfect one. And sometimes, during this brief breathing exercise, they begin to laugh, making for an even better shot.

The goal is to make my subject feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. All the equipment can feel intimidating at times and I, for one, find myself in a vulnerable state of mind when I am in front of the camera, like the photographer is peering into my soul. I get it. I’ve played “model” on several photo walks. It’s not easy. I like to get to know my clients prior to the session as best as possible prior to the shoot as I feel like it assists me in creating the best shots possible.

Impromptu works, sometimes, but not alway and not consistently. Planning in advance, working with your client’s vision for their session is critical to the success of the photo session.

I had a great time with this session. I am pleasantly surprised with the results, not based off. my skills, but based off the cooperation of my son. We did take some silly shots throughout the mini-session, too. Silly poses are fun, too!

Want to book a mini-session (great for a single individual?) Fill out the {Contact Me} form on my website. I promise, I’ll get back in touch with you quickly to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

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