Sunset or Sunrise?

I am going to be completely honest. 

1. I am not a morning person. Alarm clocks suck. But they are an unfortunate necessity to life, at times.

2. I have never ever photographed a sunrise. Why, well, see #1. Hence the reason the title has “sunset” listed before sunrise, which is completely the opposite of how it’s generally written.

I recently visited Arkansas. I know many of you are likely thinking, “Arkansas? What is in Arkansas?” My reason for going was to visit family, family I hadn’t seen in more years that I care to admit. (Rule #1: Make family a priority.) When I am on vacation, visiting others, I never get the opportunity to delve deep into photography. Art is a solitary talent. In the company of others, I cannot shoot they way I prefer and often feel rushed to compose and get the image I want. 

This particular vacation was relaxed. Staying with my family on top of a ridge, I often got to see beautiful sunsets. (Sunrises: Nope.) I took every opportunity I could to photograph them. While there are plenty of trees, there aways seemed to be a perfect opening to capture the color of the sky during sunset. And the trees framed the images perfectly. 

Whether you prefer the sunrise or the sunset (or both), take the time to sit and be still and watch the sun rise or set. It’s worth the time. It sets the mood for the day or evening. It’s such a beautiful, calming effect. 

And as I am a photographer, one of my goals is to eventually capture a gorgeous sunrise at some gorgeous location somewhere in our beautiful world.  So wait for it, you will see it here first.

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