Important Dates: Part Two

There are plenty of important dates you will want to capture throughout the year, some are overlooked.

May: Great time for those spring portraits as it isn’t too terribly humid yet & sunset sessions are available seven days a week due to it remaining lighter later.

May: Mother’s Day portraits, graduations, cap & gown portraits, Memorial Day

June: Family reunions, weddings, family portraits, senior sessions

July: Family reunions, weddings, beach sessions, senior sessions

August: Beach sessions, senior sessions, back to school sessions

Obviously, with my photography business being located in the Atlanta area, our nearest beaches are 4’ish hours away, so travel would be required. We do have some excellent locations with creeks and rocks in the area that make for great backdrops. I was just at Indian Springs State Park recently and it’s a great location for sunset photographs. Quiet in the evening-time.  There are other locations outside of Atlanta with similar scenes as well, huge rocks to sit and cool off on which make for great portraits.

Stay tuned for part three coming soon. 

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